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This spring looks like a promising time for many gripping projects

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Marvel’s universe and a celebrity from “Games of Thrones”, time machines, fallen women and more than 20 projects on the very end of your fingers.

Every notable telly series (both premieres and new seasons), films and documentaries on online-platforms looks like being breath-taking and attention-worthy.

TIME: The Kalief Browder Story

kalief browder
It is a relatively short documentary series about the teenager, who has been sentenced to 3 years of prison for theft of the backpack. He hasn’t committed the crime, and after being released from the prison, he managed to draw attention of the most outstanding mass media with his life story. Two years after that he committed suicide. Owing to him one can peek a look into the practice of single incarceration in penitentiary establishments.


Rivalry between multi-talented actresses who turned filming of “What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?” into infernal catastrophe for many participants involved. A real-life situation is in the basis of this product’s plot.
The second season is promised to cast light onto relations of Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

Prison Break season 5

Hope-inspiring chronicle about tedious work on finding ways out of the most intricate, endless and macabre situations with time limits, much sobriety in the face of danger and sudden obstacles is coming back. The most arduous task after this story seem quite solvable and easy. I suggest you don’t watch every episodes the show when its airs at TV but instead download Prison Break all season at once.

Making History

Almost-ten episodes product of comedy genre about two green professors who due to their vision of American revolution and time machine go back about 300 years ago in order to implement their Napoleonic revolution-themed plans. Fox channel announced premier date at Mar 19.

Buddy Thunderstruck

Puppet cartoon about the dog-racer who drives lorries who is apart from being quite a good sportsman is a show-off beast too.

Spring is coming don’t miss the continuation of the best tv series

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There is a bunch of fresh TV series for spring and I truly insist that you can’t miss them.

First one is the renewal of Prison Break

American TV series Prison Break refers to the category of feature films that you watch and still want to watch.
Michael Scofield is a bright representative of the ideal man, who knows how to behave in the hands of any difficult situation, he brings the case to the end. In addition, he is simply attractive, fair and very responsible.

The actor coped with his role as best as possible. And the character turned out to be very charismatic, again, only an excellent actor’s play.

Another positive character is Sucre. He is very similar to the second character of Franklin. For them, the meaning of all life is a family for which they are prepared for anything. Definitely the most negative character is Theodore, who has a negative charm. He is cunning and resourceful, but no less attractive, as a person.

If you prefer watch all season at once I can suggest you download Prison Break season 5 and watch it at the big screen.
Watch the latest trailer:

and trailer from Comic-Con:

The next one is the renewal of the Amazon’s series Hand of God

I remind you that main star of this show is Ron Perlman. One more day of a police sergeant San Vicente begins with a strange incident as it is shown in the TV series Hand of God season 2. He sees a naked man in years in a fountain. A man raises his arms to the sky and mutters something like a prayer, but the language is unfamiliar to the sergeant. Soon it becomes clear that the found is an influential court official Pernell Harris who seems to have lost his mind. Adequacy of the judge has been questioned not only by the doctors, but also by his wife, Christel. There are reasons to think so as after his son, PJ, tried to commit suicide, the judge began to behave strangely. After the attempted suicide the young man is in a coma and the doctors say he will not come out of it ever. Only one Purnell believes that PJ will still wake up. Whether this will happen, we’ll find out in Hand of God season 2.
Amazon reveal new trailer of the upcoming season:

Final chapter of my favorite “must see” TV shows

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So here we are #2017. This is list of my favorite TV shows that will hit 2017 with their final seasons.

Bones season 12
Once, during the investigation of Seeley Booth’s case, there has been necessary specialist’s consultation, but not simple, but anthropologist. He addresses Temperance Brennan, remarkable in many ways person. Their debut collaboration goes good and agent Booth suggests Dr. Brennan together with her team of colleagues to start cooperating with the Bureau on the ongoing basis. Each character of the series Bones season 12 is a Personality with a capital letter. At the heart of the story is the duo of Temperans and Sealy. They are perfect opposites, which attract each other. She is an absolute rationalist who does not believe in any kind of feelings and trusts only the facts. He truly believes in goodness, America and intuition. No less interesting to learn the inner world of other technicians of the show. With the same interest one is following the disclosure of the next case and relationship of team members.

Hell on Wheels season 5
The United States of america during the initial years after the Civil War ending would become the place of action of the TV show called Hell on Wheels season 5. Here comes the construction of the new railway from one coast of the ocean to another coast. The first project is performed under conditions of the real Wild West, where there is no more between black and white. You can make fast and full hell on wheels season 5 download. The rich can splurge for an hour and the lucky beggar may suddenly become rich, the representatives of the law simply do not mind law, the most powerful person may show weakness and a faithful friend shows betrayal. The way is made by the inhabitants of the Hell on Wheels season 5. This mobile village is a small civilization with its cruel sheriff having a bloody past.

Switched at Birth season 5
Who is a real parent – the one who gave the child the biological life or gave a start in adulthood, that is to say, brought up? This question puts the series Switched at Birth season 5 among others. Bay is a golden child as the parents follow all her whims. When the daughter wants to conduct DNA analysis, they agree. Here it turns out that she is not their daughter. Bay begins a search and soon discovers her “sister in misfortune” – the one with whom she has been switched at birth. Her name is Daphne, she lives in a poor family and is even deaf. Girls begin to communicate, and parents and friends together with them. In fact there is communication between two worlds – the rich and healthy society with the society of the poor and voiceless. Daphne, despite her physical disability, is a strong person, who is open and optimistic. She likes the world of luxury in which she came owing to Bay. She likes posh house of her biological parents, secured, not burdened by life problems friends of her sister. Bay also meets with hitherto unfamiliar to her poor world in which she would have lived, if not the error in the hospital. Switched at Birth season 3 is a series of different values: family, material and spiritual.

Most expected TV series that will be renewed at 2017

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Here we go! This is my list of curious TV that may renewed in 2017.
My personal choice:
Outcast season 2

In the center of the plot Outcast season 2 one will see a young man named Kyle Barnes. His inner, very strange world that is full of wickedness prevents him from leading a normal life. It is really difficult to cope with the internal demons, when you do not understand why this is happening to you and to what results it may lead. The major character is an exorcist by calling who strives to fight with the inner demons in order not to harm to his relatives and friends.
Orphan Black season 5

The main character of the series Orphan Black season 5 is a girl named Sarah. She grew up without parents and she had to go through many trials. While being without love and care of parents, she feels alienated from the world in which she believes that no one needs her. There is not a person who could take care of her. However, there is one more case that darkens the life of Sarah. There happens one more tragic event. Sarah accidentally saw how a young girl has committed suicide.
The 100 season 4

The new episodes of the series called The 100 season 4 the viewers will see in 2017. For the last time our heroes had to survive a lot of difficulties and different disappointments. However, most of them are still full of hope and plans. People of the Earth continue to fall into dangerous situations and fight for their lives as well as the fate of the mankind. All details of the Telly series are not shown in season 4, but there will be shown many new and interesting events from the life of the major characters.
Aquarius season 2

The TV series Aquarius season 2 takes us in the 1960s, at a time when Charles Manson has organized his sect under the sweet name of “family.” The meaning of this community is that “children” of Manson used drugs, engaged in group sex, diabolical rites, killed animals, drunk their blood and soon also began to engage in robbery and then killing people. Manson was originally a simple thief, which subsequently evolved into the present murderous criminal. He preached hippie culture in his group, but with a much more “hard” bias.
Ash vs Evil Dead season 2

The most evil dead return in Ash vs Evil Dead and it will not be a horror movie, but TV series, which will continue the theme of the famous franchise – zombie trilogy. It is a comedy horror with elements of thrash in the spirit of the “old” Sam Raimi. Three decades have passed since the last journey of Ash to the past. Horror of Necronomicon is in the past. Ash gets fat and grows old and quiet bachelor life is right for such a loser. But one beauty met by him accidentally and a couple of puffs of magic herbs make him forget about the peaceful life.