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Final chapter of my favorite “must see” TV shows

Published 10/02/2017 in tv-show - 0 Comments

So here we are #2017. This is list of my favorite TV shows that will hit 2017 with their final seasons.

Bones season 12
Once, during the investigation of Seeley Booth’s case, there has been necessary specialist’s consultation, but not simple, but anthropologist. He addresses Temperance Brennan, remarkable in many ways person. Their debut collaboration goes good and agent Booth suggests Dr. Brennan together with her team of colleagues to start cooperating with the Bureau on the ongoing basis. Each character of the series Bones season 12 is a Personality with a capital letter. At the heart of the story is the duo of Temperans and Sealy. They are perfect opposites, which attract each other. She is an absolute rationalist who does not believe in any kind of feelings and trusts only the facts. He truly believes in goodness, America and intuition. No less interesting to learn the inner world of other technicians of the show. With the same interest one is following the disclosure of the next case and relationship of team members.

Hell on Wheels season 5
The United States of america during the initial years after the Civil War ending would become the place of action of the TV show called Hell on Wheels season 5. Here comes the construction of the new railway from one coast of the ocean to another coast. The first project is performed under conditions of the real Wild West, where there is no more between black and white. You can make fast and full hell on wheels season 5 download. The rich can splurge for an hour and the lucky beggar may suddenly become rich, the representatives of the law simply do not mind law, the most powerful person may show weakness and a faithful friend shows betrayal. The way is made by the inhabitants of the Hell on Wheels season 5. This mobile village is a small civilization with its cruel sheriff having a bloody past.

Switched at Birth season 5
Who is a real parent – the one who gave the child the biological life or gave a start in adulthood, that is to say, brought up? This question puts the series Switched at Birth season 5 among others. Bay is a golden child as the parents follow all her whims. When the daughter wants to conduct DNA analysis, they agree. Here it turns out that she is not their daughter. Bay begins a search and soon discovers her “sister in misfortune” – the one with whom she has been switched at birth. Her name is Daphne, she lives in a poor family and is even deaf. Girls begin to communicate, and parents and friends together with them. In fact there is communication between two worlds – the rich and healthy society with the society of the poor and voiceless. Daphne, despite her physical disability, is a strong person, who is open and optimistic. She likes the world of luxury in which she came owing to Bay. She likes posh house of her biological parents, secured, not burdened by life problems friends of her sister. Bay also meets with hitherto unfamiliar to her poor world in which she would have lived, if not the error in the hospital. Switched at Birth season 3 is a series of different values: family, material and spiritual.

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