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Spring is coming don’t miss the continuation of the best tv series

Published 27/02/2017 in tv-show - 0 Comments

There is a bunch of fresh TV series for spring and I truly insist that you can’t miss them.

First one is the renewal of Prison Break

American TV series Prison Break refers to the category of feature films that you watch and still want to watch.
Michael Scofield is a bright representative of the ideal man, who knows how to behave in the hands of any difficult situation, he brings the case to the end. In addition, he is simply attractive, fair and very responsible.

The actor coped with his role as best as possible. And the character turned out to be very charismatic, again, only an excellent actor’s play.

Another positive character is Sucre. He is very similar to the second character of Franklin. For them, the meaning of all life is a family for which they are prepared for anything. Definitely the most negative character is Theodore, who has a negative charm. He is cunning and resourceful, but no less attractive, as a person.

If you prefer watch all season at once I can suggest you download Prison Break season 5 and watch it at the big screen.
Watch the latest trailer:

and trailer from Comic-Con:

The next one is the renewal of the Amazon’s series Hand of God

I remind you that main star of this show is Ron Perlman. One more day of a police sergeant San Vicente begins with a strange incident as it is shown in the TV series Hand of God season 2. He sees a naked man in years in a fountain. A man raises his arms to the sky and mutters something like a prayer, but the language is unfamiliar to the sergeant. Soon it becomes clear that the found is an influential court official Pernell Harris who seems to have lost his mind. Adequacy of the judge has been questioned not only by the doctors, but also by his wife, Christel. There are reasons to think so as after his son, PJ, tried to commit suicide, the judge began to behave strangely. After the attempted suicide the young man is in a coma and the doctors say he will not come out of it ever. Only one Purnell believes that PJ will still wake up. Whether this will happen, we’ll find out in Hand of God season 2.
Amazon reveal new trailer of the upcoming season:

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