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This spring looks like a promising time for many gripping projects

Published 14/03/2017 in tv-show - 0 Comments

Marvel’s universe and a celebrity from “Games of Thrones”, time machines, fallen women and more than 20 projects on the very end of your fingers.

Every notable telly series (both premieres and new seasons), films and documentaries on online-platforms looks like being breath-taking and attention-worthy.

TIME: The Kalief Browder Story

kalief browder
It is a relatively short documentary series about the teenager, who has been sentenced to 3 years of prison for theft of the backpack. He hasn’t committed the crime, and after being released from the prison, he managed to draw attention of the most outstanding mass media with his life story. Two years after that he committed suicide. Owing to him one can peek a look into the practice of single incarceration in penitentiary establishments.


Rivalry between multi-talented actresses who turned filming of “What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?” into infernal catastrophe for many participants involved. A real-life situation is in the basis of this product’s plot.
The second season is promised to cast light onto relations of Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

Prison Break season 5

Hope-inspiring chronicle about tedious work on finding ways out of the most intricate, endless and macabre situations with time limits, much sobriety in the face of danger and sudden obstacles is coming back. The most arduous task after this story seem quite solvable and easy. I suggest you don’t watch every episodes the show when its airs at TV but instead download Prison Break all season at once.

Making History

Almost-ten episodes product of comedy genre about two green professors who due to their vision of American revolution and time machine go back about 300 years ago in order to implement their Napoleonic revolution-themed plans. Fox channel announced premier date at Mar 19.

Buddy Thunderstruck

Puppet cartoon about the dog-racer who drives lorries who is apart from being quite a good sportsman is a show-off beast too.

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